Takis Tloupas Differently

  • tloupas-karla-lake-1964
  • tloupas-garagouna-karditsa-1965
  • tloupas-terpsithea-village-1948
  • tloupas-thessaly-1965
  • tloupas-zarko-village-1954-02
  • tloupas-zarko-village-1954
  • tloupas-thessaly-02
  • tloupas-thessaly-01
Antonis Iordanidis, Panagiotis Samsarelos, Paper prints, Photography, Screen printing
About This Project

Original photography by Takis Tloupas. Edited for screen printing by 6roads studio with the halftone technique. Printed on white 400gr paper and gold 350gr paper with water-based eco-friendly inks.


Posters are numbered.


In the current project related to the recording and visualisation of Greek folklore and on the occasion of 100 years since the birth of Takis Tloupas in the city of Larisa, 6roads design and screen printing studio presents a seen different view of the photographer’s emblematic work through a series of adapted photographs.


The project is a result of research and study of the photographer’s work on multiple levels; hence the photographic archive of Takis Tloupas is being approached not only as a chapter but also as a timeless tool for the cultural making of Larisa and Thessaly.


Highlighting local characters, landscapes, trades and occupations of simple people as time goes by forms an important source of information and past memories for 6roads (Antonis Iordanidis – Larisa & Panagiotis Samsarelos – Rome). It also represents a point of confluence, exploration and experimentation.
Using an anthropocentric approach on agricultural activities and considering the farmer as a potential revolutionary and at the same time a man of the people, we focus on what the figure of this simple man captures: the strains and labor but also the acceptance and happiness of everyday life.


Respecting the commitment of the photographer to black and white, we adapt his photographs using the method of screen printing. The image is formed through raster printing (multiple different sized dots creating halftones). Sectional coloring of the photograph creates a modern version of the project anticipating a constructive dialogue with the present day.


Our warmest thanks to photographer Vania Tloupa, for the concession of photographs from her father’s archive.


This project is dedicated to the memory of pioneer Takis Tloupas on the occasion of 100 years since his birth (1920-2020).


* The exhibition, scheduled to be presented at the Museum of Milos tou Pappa in the city of Larissa during the celebration of the 100 year anniversary, was cancelled due to restrictive measures against the pandemic.