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Once upon a time in a little town a group of friends live their daily life to the limit, transforming with their behaviour the atmosphere of their little town into a major experience. Through this experience they realise that their brainstorming pushes more and more for their thoughts to come to surface. Carefree and debonair crossing time without a destination and with their only objective the “here and now” (hic et nunc). 


And as for anything carefree, their fate sees them scattered over six roads, each following their destiny in the wonderful and wondrous XXI century.


Wondering around in countries and continents, in the meanders of cyberspace and endless virtual reality two things keep them close, their little town and their Big Friendship… 


This is where the trip and quest begin. And if we can say that when transcribing you are half way from the beginning, then externalisation and realisation are the rest…